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Our team of highly experienced Engineers are always there to solve your Plumbing requirements in such a way that the project not only never face any difficulties regarding plumbing in its service life but also the architectural design and aesthetics remain unhampered. Our Plumbing team works as follows-

Preparation of Plumbing Design
  • Calculation of capacity of total consumable and sewage fluid.
  • Location of main septic tank..
  • Connection of the main sewer to septic tank.
  • Plumbing drawing of the verandahs, planters, terraces etc.
  • Plumbing drawing of the toilets and kitchen
  • Plumbing drawing of the setback areas, roof and landscaping.
  • Plumbing drawing of the rain water harvesting system.
  • Plumbing drawing of the system of removing water from basement (if necessary).